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One of the most striking physical features of Bhutan is its architecture. The characteristic style and color of every building and house in the Kingdom is a distinct source of aesthetic pleasure. The Dzongs – themselves, imposing 17th century structures built on a grand scale without the help of any drawing and nail – are outstanding examples of the best in Bhutanese architecture. Patterns of rich colors adorn every wall, beam, pillar, door in traditional splendor.
Like its architecture, Bhutan’s art and painting are important aspects of Bhutanese culture and they depict the spiritual depth of Bhutanese life. Whether it is on a wall, or one of the renowned Thangkas or murals, painters use vegetable dyes to give their work the subtle beauty and warmth seen nowhere else in the world.
Bhutan also boasts an unparalleled wealth in its cottage industry. Its fine handicrafts of wood and bamboo, ornaments of gold and silver, and highly developed weaving skills represent an advanced art form.
One of the main attractions in the Kingdom is its annual religious festivals known as TSHECHUS, celebrated to honor Guru Padmasambhava also known as “Guru Rimpoche”. For local people, Tshechu is an occasion for reverence and blessing, feasting and socializing. Two of the most popular Tshechus are held at Paro in the spring and Thimphu in the autumn, but there are various others all the year round at temples, dzongs and monasteries throughout Bhutan. Staged at different places at different times of year, it provides an opportunity for our clients to experience its unique and extraordinary charm.


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